Running Away


James Oswald


The first in the Charybdis Sequence of Science Fiction novels, Running Away is an epic adventure of galactic empires, magic and the cold religion of the stars



Alicia Da’phen is a halfling dancer. Able to change her features in response to the emotions of those around her she is at once reviled and revered by her society, struggling under the yoke of the oppressive Saurian Empire.

Forced into a curious marriage with the Commander in Chief of the Saurian army, Alicia is transported halfway across the Galaxy. Here a recently united planetary system is being co-opted into the Empire. The carefully constructed plans have been thrown into confusion by the disappearance of the heir to the local throne, The Milangra Bathooit Larin.

The Emperor of Sauria, directed by the predictions of an obscure sect of Prophetess warriors, has broken a thousand year internal exile and travelled to Larin’s homeworld. He must witness the boy’s coming of age ceremony or his own future is in doubt.

Charybdis, an unmanned, powerful and mysterious alien spaceship is out of control on a collision course for the second planet in the system, where a brutal religion seeks to wipe out all who would question its authority.

Alicia, as far away from home as it is perhaps possible to be, must escape from her tormentors. In her flight she is aided by unlikely allies and hindered by dangerous enemies. And as she runs away, is she escaping or merely struggling deeper into her fate?

Running Away is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, of magic and technology. It is intended to be the first in a series chronicling the end of an era, of an Empire turned evil by the inevitable corruption of bureaucracy and aristocratic pride.



This story will be published in due course. Watch this space, or Contact me for more details.