Martin Scorcese's Underpants


James Oswald


I've run out of coffee, my laundry's in bad need of attention and no-one wants my blockbuster script. Life can be like that somedays.




Like Frustration, this story came about from a single idea. This time it was the title. It made no sense, meant nothing, was slightly silly. Perfect material for one of those rambling monologue short stories you get on BBC Radio 4 in the afternoon.

Not that I ever sent it to the BBC. Oh no. I wouldn't have the nerve. They might send it back with 'never darken my door again' scrawled across it in blood-red ink. Or something.

And I know that's not how you spell Scorsese. Well, I do now. But that's how I titled the story first time around, so that's how it will stay.



A downloadable file of this story will be made available soon. Please check back, or contact me for publication details.