Comfort Farm


James Oswald


They have been coming for us for countless generations. Now they have built their own world where they can breed us how they want us, pliable, emotional, afraid.



All those alien abductees, the disappeared. Where have they gone? It's not a new phenomenon. Not something that only began in the twentieth century. That's just when we started noticing. Aliens have been abducting us for millennia. But for what purpose? What if they are testing us, developing us, slowly nudging our evolution towards some indefinable goal? And what if these aliens are not flesh, not something grown out of slime and competition, but machines, perfect, logical and emotionless? Would they seek to experience the unique product of our race? Our emotions? And what sensation would they enjoy the most? Love? Adventure? Terror?



A downloadable file of this story will be made available soon. Please check back, or contact me for publication details.