James Oswald


Just beneath the veneer of ordinary life there is a world of lust and murder, magic and mayhem. Careful how you tread, the ice is very thin.




Scratch the surface of mundane life and there exists a certain kind of madness. It is a world of magicians, dwarves and vampires; a place where ordinary people find temptation and willingly give themselves to its rutting, primal beast. It is a place where honour and decency are lost to a sea of sexual perversion, instant gratification and voyeuristic lust. A lawless world of greed and anger and hate.

Throw into this world a young man, not wise. Take from him the certainty of the dole cheque, the stultifying solace of daytime television. Relieve him of the crutches of self-confidence and self-knowledge. Take everything he knows is real and call it false.

Give him a companion as he searches blindly for lost reason. Someone to lead him through this strange new world, to show him its wonders and opportunities, to warn him of its perils. Give him a disembodied head, the bitter and depraved remnant of the most powerful being in creation. Let it guide him through the mire of humanity on a futile quest to save a world that doesnít want to be saved.

This is the world of the head. It is a world dominated for millennia by the all-powerful brotherhood, the true force behind the Knights Templar, the Atlantis mystery and possibly every other conspiracy the world has ever known.

Head is a perilous journey of discovery. One manís search for knowledge and reason in a world that no longer makes sense. It is a dark tale of exploitation, manipulation and the illusion of free will. And in the end, when the truth will out, it is the story of mankind's inability to come to terms with its darker desires.



This story will be published in due course. Watch this space, or Contact me for more details.