To the Stars


James Oswald


The City is dead. All hope of finding human life on the island, or the planet fo that matter, has evaporated. Where else is there to look but further afield? Where else to go now but to the stars?



Hurrah! The seventh and final installment in the endless (or not so endless) Drones series of short stories. Unless I write some more, of course. Which is always a possibility. So come back to DevilDog regularly. Or better yet, subscribe to our intermittent newsletter and get first peek at whatever I write next. The intention, all those years ago when From the Sublime... folded, was to collect up these seven short tales and work them into a novel, continuing the theme of unlikely friendship between man and machine as they explore the empty wastes of space, charting the unstoppable force of the weird plague and searching for any more living humans. It was a grand scheme, some might say arrogant and unreachable in its folly. To them I say Pooh! Go to the fiction section and read Running Away (it's really cheap compared to buying something in the shops, honest). There you can see the kind of SF I like - wide in scope and grand in execution. Buy it. Buy it now!



click here for a free pdf of this story. Other formats will be available in due course.