The City of Dreams


James Oswald


No one has lived in the city for a thousand years. Even the drones have shunned it, for those few who travelled this far never returned. Now Arctrin, Milin and The Boy must uncover its dark secret if they are ever to complete their strange quest.



The sixth of the interminable series of Drones short stories. Just how many of these damned things did I write? If you've waded through the previous five drones stories, the chances are that you're going to download and read this one too, so why should I bother with writing some teaser? If you haven't read the other stories yet and have arrived at this page by some perverse need to look at the end before the beginning, then stop it, I say. Go back to the start. It won't make any more sense, but at least you'll have a feeling of fulfilment when you finally make it through the hard times to the reward at the end.



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