James Oswald


Hundreds of years ago the Weird Plague wiped out all human life on the planet. Since then the machines have lived alone and unconcerned, waiting for a time when their masters would return to be served.



Number four in the seemingly endless Drones series of short stories. Arctrin and Milin have broken away from the hospital and their own lives. Now they wander aimlessly across the devastated plains of the island in search of something. The boy is happy in his jungle retreat. He has been happy for so long he cannot remember a time when it was not so. But lately his friends have been disappearing. Now even the old man has gone, no longer watching the endless nothing of the eye. Hundreds of years have passed since the weird plague wiped out all life on the planet. That time of madness has long gone, but its repercussions linger in the lives of those machines that were untouched by its bizarreness. Now, centuries later, things are about to change.



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