Things what I have written

I wrote my first book, Pedalling Uphill Slowly, in 1992, my first novel, Running Away, back in 1996. It wasn't very good, but I sent it out round the houses anyway. In those days there was no real internet, and very few publishers even knew how to spell email. So it was all by letter and thick manuscripts printed at enormous cost and very slow speed on a Canon BC-1 bubble-jet printer. I couldn't afford the sheet feeder, so each page had to be fed in by hand. For a three hundred plus page manuscript, that's a labour of love, let me tell you.

Since those early days, I've produced eleven novel-length manuscripts, as well as a bundle of short stories and too many comic scripts to keep count of. Click the list below to see some details, if that takes your fancy. In the fulness of time there will be downloadable samples, and maybe some links to Amazon and Smashwords pages where you can buy stuff.